About My Grandma




In 2017 a week before Thanksgiving my super fierce special Grandmother had a stroke. I don’t want to focus on that- as her ability is what I want to highlight. 

My Grandma (MIMA) what we called her since I was a kid. She is one determine badass. She is in her 80’s and due to the severity of the stroke she has limited movement on her left side, however making extreme strides to increasing movement and mobility as time passes. Although in a wheelchair with 24 hour care in home, she doesn't disown herself from possibilities of daily successes. Why I’m choosing to talk about her? It is for ONE reason. 


She never complains to better herself. She always SHOWS UP. Her most foggy days she’s willing to try. Her best day she is willing to add in a new activity for the day. She honestly is my hero. I admire her for how strong she is, how she is adaptable and is able to prevail even with limited mobility than she once had. Although we know that this is the cycle of life and aging is a process we learn to hopefully accept. Mima does it with so much grace. Everyday doesn’t have to be perfect, but getting up with purpose and poise and the hunger to experience life is what it’s about. I’ve been grateful to spend some quality time with my Mima and I will forever cherish our time together. 

What I want to leave you with is STOP COMPLAINING of how busy you are, how you can’t make life style changes, how…XXX what ever your reason or excuse is, I want you to think about what living life truly is to you, how you are currently living and how you truly want to live. You are a powerful force, just like my Mima you have the ability to choose your wellness path with good practice and intention. Be relentless and resilient on your path. Make it a strong day everyday even if its not perfect, always strive towards resilience, adapting and working toward your best self. 

Love my Mima.