Lisa Kinder Fitness


Everyone has a life worth telling about, a story. I’m eager to learn about each individual story and all that has come to with it. What is your super power? If I had to pick one for myself it would be MOTIVATION. In everything I do I am inspired to impact and motivate people on a visceral level. I believe I lead with resiliency, illumination and mental grit and physical strength. Ergo, leading to limitless possibilities. In order to inspire, as a coach I need to feel that capacity to be inspired myself from creating the best, safe, engaging, quality, fun, energetic classes and programs for my warriors. All my warriors inspire me to be the BEST coach for them. Motivation is from the mind and has to be fed. Inspiration is from the heart and one must be able to dig deep and tap into it. 

This is the space I love to be challenged in and to help others explore. This is where I’ve spent over a decade collecting, data tracking, organizing the perfect time to release KIND, BODY and SOUL to YOU! KBS is an extension of ME, Lisa Kinder! It is inevitable that we are always growing, learning and changing and as we do so we are improving ourselves uniquely at our own pace. What you will find on my site is an organized place where you can be an authentic self, where many walks of life come together to receive raw stories where you can relate, find exercises and recipes that are useful to you, open forum to ask questions, meet ups, workshops and MORE!